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Check out the following benefits:
1.  All Stallions Directory will notify you by email when a stallion newly added to the web site matches one of your saved searches.

To activate the email Notification, follow these 3 easy steps.

  1. Click on the “Saved Searches” icon in your Control Panel.
  2. Click on the “Edit” icon beside the name you’ve chosen for your search.
  3. Select “Yes” for Notification.
Mare Owner Tools
2.  Generate a Future Foal Pedigree

To generate a Future Foal Pedigree, click on “Create Future Foal Pedigree” located under the stallion’s picture in his listing. Your mare’s pedigree will be combined with the stallion’s and saved to your Control Panel.

Supply only your mare’s sire, dam and dam’s sire’s names, then add your choice of the available information and photos shown for the dam as in the following pedigree.

Future Foal Pedigree with all the available information supplied.Future Foal PedigreeHow to add your mare’s pedigree so you can generate Future Foal Pedigrees:

    1.  Make sure you’ve first added your mare through the “Add A Mare” icon in your Control Panel.
    2.  Then click on the “My Mares” icon.
    3.  Next on “Edit” beside your mare’s name.
    4.  On the next screen click on the Pedigree tab and enter all your text and photos directly into the pedigree.
    5. Click on Submit to save your pedigree.  Mission accomplished!

Control Panel - Add Your Mare's Pedigree

3.  Save Your Searches!

It’s easy to do and saves time re-entering all the information the next time you visit the site.  You can save as many separate searches as you wish.  Access by clicking on the “Saved Searches” icon in your Control Panel.

4.  Keep track of Your Favorite Stallions

Keep track of your favorites for comparison and ease of access to their listings.  Click on the “My Favorite Stallions” icon in your Control Panel to access a stallion’s listing.

Register as a Mare Owner &
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There’s no cost or obligation.

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