How To Promote Your Stallion Or Sale Horse In 4 Seconds!

Promote Your Stallion or Sale Horse in 4 Seconds Or Less With An Exceptional Photo.

Studies show a prospective customer spends only 2 to 4 seconds looking at a photo before moving on. Consequently, as the focal point of your advertising campaign, to effectively promote your stallion your photo must capture and keep a viewer’s interest.

A photo is often the first introduction to your stallion. A great photo sets your stallion apart from the crowd.  It says he’s exceptional.  An average photo says he’s, well …. average.

5 Types of Images Guaranteed To Promote Your Stallion

1.  Action – Performance

Action shots command and keep attention!

Promote Your Stallion

The selection of a stallion is usually based on his ability to sire offspring that have the potential to excel in a certain discipline or activity. Consequently, photos that show your stallion performing the work he was bred to do are an essential part of your portfolio.

Whatever your stallion’s specialty, your pictures should tell his story.  He may not be a show horse, but is an awesome trail horse.  If so, show picturesque photos of him out on the trails.

If he’s an exceptional working ranch horse show him working with cattle.

Is he known for siring level headed, easily trained offspring? Does he work well bridleless? What’s his claim to fame?

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2.  Action – Moving Free

Action shots of the stallion moving free in an enclosure, round pen or field are fun to look at and are a very effective way to promote your stallion. They can show your stallion at play, often with spectacular, eye catching acrobatics!

You can also use this type of photo to show off his natural athleticism and suitability for his discipline. For example, free jumping, natural jog and extended trot.

Pervian Paso stallion bucking in the field.

Arabian stallion showing extended trot.

3.  Conformation/Halter Photos

Your stallion may not show at halter, but mare owners still want to see how he looks and if he complements their mare.

Show both front and side views so mare owners can get a good look at your stallion’s conformation.

Different breeds have different requirements when standing a horse up for halter/conformation.  If you are taking photos on your own, be mindful of the breed and discipline standards.

Here are a few examples.

Warmbloods & Sport Horses

Warmblood stallion in halter stance.

Shown using the open stance with the inside front and hind leg (nearest the camera) standing square. The outside front and hind legs should stand slightly inward toward the center of the barrel.

Arabian Sport Horse Hunter Stance


Positioned with the front legs square and the hind leg closest to the camera square. The outside side hind, furthest away from the camera, is positioned slightly forward of the near hind leg.

Quarter Horse halter pose.

Quarter Horses, Paints and Appaloosas

Photos taken from the front and side with the horse standing square are the classic halter poses for Quarter Horses, Paints and Appaloosas.

Stock type Miniature Horses are also shown standing square with the front and hind legs standing side by side.

HC Elitist, Arabian Stallion
HC Elitist, Arabian Stallion     Learn more ….

Shown with the neck high and outstretched.  The outside hind leg, furthest away from the camera, is shown standing square with the near hind leg, closest to the camera, stepped back to emphasize the levelness of the croup.

Morgans, American Saddlebreds & Tennessee Walking Horses

Morgan Horse Halter Pose

Shown with the front & hind legs square with the hind legs stretched out behind.  The neck is carried high, in the breed’s natural position, but not outstretched.

4.  Head Shot

Include a good head shot of your stallion.  The face and expression tell a lot about his temperament and character so, above all, it’s essential his ears are forward so he looks friendly and not sour.

5.  Artistic

The sky’s the limit in this category. Horses are works of art by their very nature which makes them ideal subjects to photograph.  Artistic photos should provoke an emotional response from the viewer.  Photos taken in the morning mist, against the sunset, or on the beach with the waves rolling in are some possibilities. 


Worth The Investment

My best advice to get top quality photos to promote your stallion is to hire a professional equine photographer who is familiar with the photo requirements for your breed.

Include Your Stallion’s Photos in this blog post.

If you have professional quality photos of your stallion that show him at halter,  performing at a show or running free, he could be a candidate for showcasing in this blog. His photo would link to his All Stallions Directory stallion listing. This blog will be posted at various times throughout the year.  For more information contact Kathy.

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