How To Skyrocket Your Stallion or Sale Horse to Success with an Amazing Headline.

Capture Interest & Increase Bookings for Your Stallion with a Compelling Ad Headline.

Make sure your stallion gets the recognition he deserves. Good stallions sometimes get overlooked. They have a lot to offer, but still aren’t getting enough bookings. The reason could be a poor headline.


The headline accounts for 80% of the success of your ad.
That means 80 cents out of each advertising dollar
is spent on your headline.


The purpose of a headline is to grab the reader’s attention and make them want to know more. It leads them into the copy of your ad. If your headline doesn’t generate interest, mare owners will move on to one that does.

Learn how to revitalize your advertising campaign to increase recognition and awareness and to pave the way to more bookings and sales.

8 Tips On How To Write a Winning Headline.
1.  Avoid dull, uninspiring headlines. 

There’s a lot of uninspiring headlines out there … and uninspiring doesn’t sell.

Headlines like, “15 Hand Chestnut [Breed] Stallion Available For 2020.” are pretty uninteresting. Surely there’s more to this stallion than his color and height.

2. Here are some questions a headline should answer.

Supplying answers to the following questions that are pertinent to your stallion will give him a competitive edge.

  • What are his bloodlines?
  • In what discipline does he excel?
  • Does he have a show record?
  • How good is his work ethic?
  • Does he sire foals that have awesome temperaments and are exceptionally trainable?
  • If one of your breeding goals is to produce color, what percentage of your stallion’s foals are colored? Is he homozygous?
  • Are his offspring doing well in competition?
  • Is this his first year standing at stud?
  • Are you offering special breeding incentives?
3.  A well designed ad should make your headline stand out.

In this sample of an All Stallions Directory Supreme Stallion Listing, the stallion’s name and breed are prominently displayed at the top of the page, just above the stallion’s primary photo.

The headline is located at the top of the right hand side of the page under the navigation bar.

Both are strategically placed to grab a mare owner’s attention.  Learn more about our Supreme Stallion Listing …

Supreme Stallion Listing Headline Location

4.  Know exactly which characteristic and/or accomplishment you are promoting.

People tend to skim down a page reading only the headlines.

Mare owners want to know what they’re buying at a glance. Don’t leave them in doubt. Get your stallion’s best characteristic and/or accomplishment up front and center. Make it easy for mare owners to see exactly what you’re offering.

Write down a list of all your stallion’s best characteristics and accomplishments, then pick one or two that stand out and build your headline around them.

5.  Include more than your stallion’s name in the headline.

Include your stallion’s name in the headline if it’s not already suppplied. but make sure to use your valuable headline space to let people know why they should book their mare to your stallion.

6.  Write several headlines and vote on the best.

Write down 25 variations of your headline. Record everything that comes into your head. Some will be good, others not so good, but that’s OK.  It will help get your creative juices flowing.

Pick the top 5 and get your friends, family or co-workers to vote on which one they like best.

7.  Read your headlines out loud.

If it doesn’t read easily the first time, discard it. It should be easy to read and understand at a glance.

8.  Test the effectiveness of your headline.

Run the top 3 versions of your headline in your ads to see which one performs best.

Check out the Offspring Page of our Supreme Stallion Listing.

Include a video and 4 photos for each of up to 6 offspring.
A “For Sale” notification is available with optional display of sale price.

To view, go to our Sample Stallion Listing and click on “Offspring” in the Navigation Bar.

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