Want an Easy Way to Keep More Eyes on Your Stallion Ad?

Make sure your prospects read all your stallion ad and don’t give up in frustration due to poor formatting.

You’ve sweated and burned a few brain cells poring over the headline for your stallion ad and have crafted one that grabs attention. Now on to the body copy of your ad. Fortunately, good formatting is much easier, but no less essential.

In today’s fast paced world we are inundated with countless requests for our attention through emails, texts, and social media. Each urging you to take time out of your busy day to read their ads and take action.

stallion adCorrectly formatting your stallion ad, or page, is like sprucing your horse up for a show. It makes a better impression and is easier on the eyes.

10 Easy to Apply Formatting  Tips

 1.  Excessive use of exclamation marks is – well – annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • Use caution and don’t overdue their use or you’ll water down their effectiveness.
  • Make sure readers get the message you’re trying to convey with well written copy.
  • The same is true for question marks.


  • Use all caps SPARINGLY, drawing attention to one word or short phrase.
  • Capitalize each word of a title, not the whole thing.
  • Use this handy Free Capitalization Tool from CapitalizeMyTitle.com.  It takes out all the guesswork and makes sure your title or headline is correctly capitalized.  There’s also some valuable info on capitalization rules should you want to delve in more deeply.
3.  Here are some more effective ways to emphasize an idea or make a stronger point.
  • Use italics on some of your text, but don’t overdo it. Just italicize a word or phrase here and there.  It will have more impact if used sparingly.
  • Apply Bold type to individual words or short phrases that you want to stand out, but again don’t overuse.
4. Use bullet points whenever you can list several related items, for instance show record accomplishments.
  • Winner in Hunter Pleasure first time showing
  • 4 Year Old Hunter Pleasure Champion
  • Region 12 Year End Hunter Pleasure Champion

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A “For Sale” notification is available with optional display of sale price.

To view, go to our Sample Stallion Listing and click on “Offspring” in the Navigation Bar.

5.  Avoid abbreviations like you would use in text messages.

  • r u for are you
  • @ for at
  • pls for please
6.  Separate a single word or phrase by an extra space before and after and follow by “…” as demonstrated in Tip #’s 7 and 10.
  • Tip #7, “Then be sure to …”
  • Tip #10, “or …”
7.  Keep paragraphs under 300 words in length in your stallion ad. 
  • It makes it easier to read and helps with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) results.
  • Break up long paragraphs into separate ideas or topics ….

Then be sure to ….

8.  Make the first sentence of each paragraph define the idea or topic.

The first sentence of your paragraph should describe what the paragraph is all about with the rest of the text expanding upon that idea, concept or belief

9.  Use subheadings to describe the contents of each paragraph.  

This is a huge “must do” – you need to use subheadings.  Readers tend to skim down the page reading only the subheadings to see if any bit of information catches their interest. They’ll skip right over lengthy paragraphs if their content is not defined.

10.  Some formatting tips for stallion at stud and horses for sale directories.

Commercial stallions at stud and horses for sale web sites don’t usually offer formatting options like bold, italics, and indent, however there is a way to make your own bullet points.

Use the greater than symbol, “>”, or an asterisk “*” followed by 2 spaces for bullet points:

> bullet point #1
> bullet point #2


* bullet point #1
* bullet point #2

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