How To Cure Photo Fatigue and Wake Up Your Stallion Ads

You have a favorite photo of your stallion that shows off his best traits.  You’ve used it in your print and online ads and it’s performed well, reliably helping to bring in bookings.  But lately you’re not getting the same level of interest.

wake up stallion ads

If you’ve used the same photo of your stallion for more than a year, it could be time to wake up your stallion ads with a new photo.

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Rekindle interest

Mare Owners have already made a decision based on the photo and information they’ve seen.  Because they already recognize your current photo, they likely just skim over it.  Catch their eye with a new one.  It may be just what they need to help them decide to book to your stallion.

Additionally, they may like what they’ve already seen, but a new photo may get them off the fence and give them the incentive to contact you. A fresh photo can capture their interest all over again and tip the scale in your stallion’s favor.

Share your victories

A new photo is particularly important if your stallion, or his offspring, has recently won in the show ring.  Take several photos of him when he’s performing and of him sporting his trophy or ribbon.

Equine photographers are often available at horse shows or other events. You and your horse are already shined up and looking your best so it’s a good time to get some exceptional photos.

If professional photographers aren’t available and someone you know is good with a camera, take some time to get those all important photos.

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All Stallions Directory allows for up to 8 photos of your stallion.  The primary photo is displayed in the search results, on the side bar of blog posts and on our Facebook and Instagram pages. It is also the first photo shown on your stallion listing. Clicking on the image shows a full page version.
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Take extra photos when your stallion is in his prime

Consider taking more photos than you need when your stallion is at his prime and looking his best. Take them at different locations so the photos are not just more of the same.  Years down the road, when he’s not quite so showy, you’ll have some extra photos to use in your advertising material.

If your stallion was younger when you took the photos you’re currently using, take some now that he’s more mature and filled out.

Trying varying the type of photo you take

There are 5 categories of photos:

  1. Action – Performance
  2. Action – Moving Free
  3. Conformation/Halter
  4. Head Shot
  5. Artistic

For more information on the 5 types of photos, go to “How To Promote Your Stallion or Sale Horse in 4 Seconds!”

I have to admit that taking photos is not my most enjoyable activity, but it’s a necessity when promoting a stallion or sale horse. Good quality photos can make the difference between a successful, and a not so successful, breeding season.  Even the best photo can become ordinary after too much use.  Keep your advertising campaigns fresh with a new photo every year.

Include Your Stallion’s Photos in this blog post.

If you have professional quality photos of your stallion that show him at halter and performing at a show or event at different stages in his life, he could be a candidate for showcasing in this blog. His photos would link to his All Stallions Directory stallion listing. This blog will be posted at various times throughout the year.  For more information contact Kathy.

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