Stallion Requests

Mare Owners!  Can't find the stallion of your dreams?  Check out our awesome line up of stallions using our Advanced Search and submit a Stallion Request.

To submit a Stallion Request, email All Stallions Directory with the breed, state/province where you are located and a description of what you’re looking for in a stallion. In a second paragraph, include a description of your mare and an optional photo.  All Stallions Directory will post your request on our Stallion Request page and forward inquiries from stallion owners to you by email. Mare Owners are required to sign up as a member of the web site.  There’s no cost or obligation for this service.

Stallion Owners!  Browse through the Stallion Requests!  

If your stallion fits a request, contact All Stallions Directory and we’ll put you in touch with the mare owner.  Include the name and breed of your stallion, and a paragraph that states why you feel your stallion is a match. Stallions must be listed on the web site. If your stallion does not have a listing, click on the "Add A Stallion" link on the home page. The first year of your stallion listing is Free.  There is no fee to contact mare owners to answer a request.

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