6 Ways a 5 Star Stallion Listing Helps Get More Bookings to Your Stallion at Stud, Promote Him For Sale, and Increase Traffic to Your Website and Facebook Page.


 1. Social Media & E-blast Advertising of the All Stallions Directory website starting January 19, 2021.

Thousands of visitors, looking for the perfect match for their mare, will be directed to our website through our e-blast and social media ads. We will be advertising with some of the top North American equine publications, including Arabian Horse Times, Arabian Horse World, Practical Horseman, Dressage Today and Western Horseman.


2.  Ad Share Program - for stallions at stud, or offered for sale

Stallions with a 5 Star Stallion Listing are eligible to participate in our Ad Share Program. Share ad space in an e-blast ad with Practical Horseman, Dressage Today, Arabian Horse World, or Arabian Horse Times, or in a Facebook ad with Western Horseman.

Click on the name of each publication for more information and availability.

 Arabian Horse Times          Arabian Horse World

 Dressage Today       Practical Horseman

 Western Horseman


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For a limited time Get a 4 Star Listing and we'll Upgrade it to a 5 Star.

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3.  Featured Stallions

5 Star Stallions are included in the highly visible Featured Stallions section of our home page for the entire one year term of your stallion listing.

From our home page visitors are able to:

  • view your stallion's video and

  • go straight to his listing.


4. Social Media Promotion


Your stallion will be promoted on our Facebook and Instagram pages a minimum of once per year, more if space permits. Our social media pages stand alone as effective promotional resources. 

We have a highly engaged following of horse lovers and mare and stallion owners who regularly interact with our Facebook page.


5. Every stallion on our website gets a Supreme Stallion Listing. 

View Sample showing all available content supplied.

Our step by step process allows you to easily and quickly supply text, photos and videos. The result is a stallion listing that is expertly crafted and strategically designed to get results. You can even preview your listing as you go.

Content is extremely flexible. Supply the required information first so your stallion listing is viewable online asap.

Once your listing is viewable, log in with your username and password to access your Control Panel, then add your choice of:

  • up to 7 more photos

  • up to 3 videos

  • 4 photos and a video of each of up to six offspring

  • photos of all sires to the 3rd generation in the 4 generation pedigree and of the stallion's dam.


6. Marquis Announcement

We'll feature your stallion on our home page marquis once during the term of your listing, more often if space permits. 

For the best experience, use your desktop, laptop, or iPad to create your stallion listing.

For a limited time Get a 4 Star Listing and we'll Upgrade it to a 5 Star.

Get your 5 Star Stallion Listing Online Now!
You'll pay only $24.99/year/stallion.

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