Supreme Stallion Listing - $34.99/yr/stallion.  Listings are free for the entire first year.
A Supreme Stallion Listing includes your choice of all the available videos, photos, pages and information offered below.

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Flexible Options

It's an easy, step by step process to submit a stallion listing.  First you are asked for the Required Information, included in all stallion listings.  Once you've submitted this information, you can stop there, or add your choice of a video, more photos and Show Record, Offspring and Pedigree pages. It's easy and fun to do!  Create your own masterpiece! Use your All Stallions Directory stallion listing as a portal to your personal web site and/or Facebook page.

A Supreme Stallion Listing includes:

  • Home Page
    • 8 photos, a video, comments about your stallion, breeding fee info, semen availability and more! One photo and the required info for the home page is all that is needed for your stallion’s listing to be viewable to mare owners.
  • Pedigree Page
    • A 4 generation pedigree with optional photos of your stallion’s sire & dam and all the sires in the 2nd and 3rd generations.  You may include information on any horse in all 4 generations, such as height, color, show record, earnings and info on progeny. Accessible to mare owners by hovering over a “More Info” link located by each horse’s name. 
  • Offspring Page
    • Includes up to 6 offspring with up to 4 photos, a video and comments for each.  A “For Sale” icon may be selected for horses for sale.
  • Genetic Testing Results
    • Upload a copy of your Genetic Test Results. Accepted formats include JPEG images and Adobe Acrobat documents.  A link to your file and the title, "Genetic Testing Results" will be shown on your stallion's Home Page.  Should you choose not to include Genetic Testing Results, the "Genetic Testing Results" title will not be shown.
  • Show Record Page
    • List up to 10 different accomplishments.
  • Farm/Ranch Profile
    • Includes contact info. Additionally, you may include a photo of your ranch/farm, information regarding your facility, philosophy, achievements, as well as an introduction to your trainer/staff, whatever pertinent info you want to display.
  • A link to your web site and/or Facebook Page.
  • Future Foal Pedigrees
    • Generated by a mare owner, combining their mare’s pedigree with that of your stallion. All photos and additional information added to the stallion's and mare's pedigrees will be shown in the future foal's pedigree.
  • Statistics
    • Number of:
  • visits to the stallion’s home page
  • times your stallion has been saved as a Favorite
  • times your stallion has been returned in a list of search results
  • times your stallion’s link has been clicked from the Search Results page
  • times the Share with a Friend link has been clicked
  • times the Contact Stallion Owner link has been clicked
  • times your stallion has been saved to a Future Foal Pedigree
  • times mare owners have set notifications to ‘Yes’ to be notified if your stallion’s listing has been edited
  • times a Featured listing was viewed
  • times a Featured listing was clicked
  • Your Personalized Control Panel
    • Stallion Owners receive a personalized Control Panel through which you add a stallion, edit a listing and check statistics. 

Mare Owner’s Benefits

All mare owners have the option to register as a user of All Stallions Directory.  It’s absolutely free of charge with no strings attached.  Through their own Personalized Control Panel they are able to:

  • generate and save a Future Foal Pedigree, combining their mare’s pedigree with that of your stallion.
  • be alerted by email if a stallion is added to our web site that matches the criteria of a Saved Search.
  • be notified by email if a Favorite Stallion’s listing is updated.



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