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How We Generate Interest in Your Stallion at Stud.


1.  Get your stallion at stud noticed through our Facebook and Google Ads.

Mare owners, who are interested in a specific breed or discipline, are sent to our website through our Facebook and Google ads.  They are directed to the corresponding stallion gallery to find the perfect match for their mare.


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2.  Increase traffic to your website.

100% of stallions with an active listing have seen an increase in traffic to their website resulting from visitors clicking on the "Stallion Web Site" link in their stallion listing.


Need a website?

Your 4 or 5 Star Stallion Listing can easily take the place of a website at a fraction of the cost.



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3.  Strengthen your social media presence through our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Save the time and effort it takes to continually post. We'll post content supplied through your stallion listing a minimum of 3 x's/year for 5 Star stallions and once/year for 4 Star on each platform.

In addition to the above posts, we run fun campaigns like our Stallion Christmas Photos in December and our Happiness Is posts in the summer. 

Already have a Facebook and Instagram page?

Expand your social media presence and keep your stallion uppermost in the minds of mare owners.


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4.  Be a star on our home page!

5 Star Stallions are included in the highly visible Featured Stallions section of our home page for the entire one year term of your stallion listing.



5. With our 4 & 5 Star Stallion Listings.

Feel like a professional ad designer as you easily and quickly craft your own unique listing. Choose from extremely flexible, all-inclusive content, including up to 7 photos and 3 videos of your stallion and a video and 4 photos of each of up to 6 offspring.

Provide a photo and the required information to get your Primary stallion listing online in as little as 30 minutes.  Then log in to your newly acquired Control Panel to add your choice of additional content.

All content is available for both 4 & 5 Star Listings.  Content supplied for your listing is used in our social media posts.

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