The Sun Prince, Arabian Stallion

Stallion's Characteristics

ASD ID: #1045
Breed: Arabian
Height: 15 Hands
Colour: Chestnut
Coat Pattern: Not Applicable
Homozygous: Not Applicable
Year Foaled: 1994
Disciplines: Halter

Stallion Owner's Name: Annette Weber
Owner's Farm/Ranch: Phara Farm, Wallace, CA
Standing At: Phara Farm, Wallace, CA

Living proof of Aarah-*Raffles prepotency.

The Sun Prince most closely resembles the legendary Lewisfield Sun God. He has an extreme jibbah, so highly prized in the desert but, alas, so rarely found today. The Bedouin believed the bulging forehead held the blessings of Allah...therefore, the greater the jibbah, the greater the blessings carried by the horse. The Sun Prince has the dry, desert look of a Schreyer painting come to life..

Breeding Fee Information

Breeding Fee: $1,500.00 USD
Booking Fee: $200.00 USD Included in Breeding Fee
Private Treaty: No
Guarantee Provided: Live Foal Guarantee
Multiple Mare Discount: Yes

Semen Availability

Shipped Semen Offered: Yes (Canada, United States)
Frozen Semen Offered: No
On-Farm Artificial Insemination: Yes
Hand Cover: No
Pasture Breeding: No


First Generation
Eclipse of the Sun
Eclipse of the Sun was the result of mating our foundation mare, Sun God Heiress, to her own son, Sun God Reflection, both individuals Aarah-*Raffles bred and bearing out the excellence of this line. Aarah and *Raffles have carried on the highly-respected lines of Mesaoud and Skowronek, a blood stock favored at Crabbet Park in England. The progeny of this line proved highly valuable in breeding out to other lines, but it is when this family is bred within itself through line or inbreeding that
Rose of Fadl
Second Generation
SunGod Reflection
Sun God Heiress
Fadl Dan
Lewisfield Sunny
Third Generation
Golden Reflection
Sun God Heiress
Lewisfield Sun God
Tailormade Binta
Lewisfield Sun God
Fourth Generation
Golden Pharao
Lewisfield Sun God
Tailormade Binta
Shalimar Flaraff
La Binta
*Bint Bint Sabbah


The Moniet Sun

Year Foaled: 2009
For Sale: not for sale

The Sun Orchid

Year Foaled: 2011
For Sale: not for sale

Registration Information

Primary Breed: Arabian
Breed Registry: Arabian Horse Association
Registration Number: 0510069
Foal Eligible for Registry With: Arabian Horse Association
Futurity Nominations: n/a

Owner Ranch/Farm

Phara Farm
Name: Phara Farm
Stallion Owner's Name: Annette Weber
Street Address: Box 123
City: Wallace
State: CA
ZIP Code: 95254
Country: United States

Standing At

Name: Phara Farm
Street Address: Box 123
City: Wallace
State: CA
ZIP Code: 95254
Country: United States

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